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If these articles had been published any later, I’d have accused them of stealing my idea. Alas, I was beaten to the punch. I will accept defeat, however, as The Burger Register has provided Philadelphians and New Yorkers with concise yet comprehensive lists of the best burgers in their respective cities. Not only do they tell you where to go, but they have the inside scoop on the blend of meats used, type of roll, and available cheeses and toppings. The slideshows alone are enough to get me all antsy in my pantsy.

Thank you New York Magazine and Grub Street.


Philly food/entertainment blog Foobooz recently compiled a list of what’re believed to be the 50 best bars in Philadelphia. While it included such Here’s the Beef favorites as the Royal Tavern and the Good Dog Bar (not reviewed yet), the list did generate enough controversy to warrant a follow-up post. If you’re looking for a good time, check the links.

[ via Grub Street Philadelphia]

far rockaway

I recently had an altercation with a super-sandwich that could easily be mistaken for a tank. My fellow Philadelphia food-bloggers at Unbreaded were gracious enough to post it up for your enjoyment. Check her out here and show the sandwich world a little love.

royal tavern sign
The Royal Tavern, Bella Vista – 937 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia PA 19147 (Find it!)

My search for the perfect neighborhood bar nearly ended a few months ago when I first entered the hallowed grounds of the Royal Tavern in Bella Vista. It was late one Sunday morning and we needed a hearty breakfast to help stave off an oncoming storm of hangover. The lack of available seating told me that I’d been missing out since moving to the neighborhood a few months prior, and I instantly knew I’d be returning soon. The room is casually decorated with Christmas lights and other random pieces. The atmosphere is comfortably unspectacular, making the quality beer selection and upscale bar menu slightly surprising. I had read several reviews on PhillyBlog (RIP) naming the RT best burger in Philly, but opted for the Eggs Benedict instead (highly recommended if you’re there for brunch). If their burger was really as good as the locals were saying, I wanted to experience it in all it’s glory (I prefer night burgers to day burgers) and thus opted to stick with breakfast this day. Continue Reading »

Didn't get an actual picture.

It looked like this.

The American Pub, Center City – 1500 Market St, Concourse Level, Philadelphia PA 19102 (Find it!)

Ever since I began working at 1500 Market in Center City, I’ve been waiting for someone to revive the bar/restaurant on the concourse level. I had always thought it would be a perfect place for some type of sports-themed pub. With thousands of employees filing in and out each day, why not give them a place to grab a quick lunch that isn’t served out of a metal box on the street (note: no one loves street food more than me, just trying to make a point here). And what would be better on a Thursday or Friday afternoon than grabbing a beer and some wings on the way to the subway station. It was clear from the design of the unused space that someone had the idea but failed to execute. Now, after several months of remodeling, The American Pub has been born and my excitement upon its opening was palpable. Their timing could have been better, as several hundred Comcast employees have recently migrated to the Comcast Center, Center Square’s taller, hipper, better looking little brother at 17th and JFK Blvd. For those of us that remain, we finally have a happy hour destination to call our own. If only the food and service were able to meet my (perhaps too lofty) expectations. Continue Reading »


Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Old City – 136 Chestnut St, Philadelphia PA 19106 (Find it!)

The journey has officially begun. Last week’s post about my visit to For Pete’s Sake in Queen Village was merely a test to see if I could eat a hamburger, then write about the experience of eating said hamburger. All in all, it was a resounding success if only for the fact that I completed both tasks.  And the fact that people read my story and experienced some degree of  enjoyment (so they said). This week, the challenge of eating and writing wasn’t really a challenge at all, thanks to the Eulogy Belgian Tavern in Old City. Research has never been so delicious. Continue Reading »