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Throughout my travels, I’ve come to notice that very few restaurants are serving up ground-chuck-only burgers. Sirloin has made an appearance in my two favorites so far (Corner Bistro and 8oz), as well as the best burger I’ve had in Philly (the soon to be reviewed Angus burger at the Royal Tavern). And I’ve started to see some short rib and brisket around town as well. But if you’re looking for something new and deliciously exciting – or if you just want a quick lesson on meat variety – then check out the inaugural post at The Burger Lab, a new feature from burger-blog-extraordinaire A Hamburger Today.

While you’re reading, I’ll be at SuperFresh looking for oxtail.


Medium-Rare at Jody's

It was only recently that I discovered the beauty that is a medium-rare burger. For years I toiled in the dark recess of the medium world, not knowing how much I was missing. But a few recent experiences have left me second-guessing my new selection. Luckily for the rest of you, Epicurious has posted a How-To Guide on when and where to go medium rare. Read on and enjoy.

[Epicurious via A Hamburger Today]

Ever felt ashamed that you can’t tell the difference between a slider and a mini? Don’t understand why some burgers are smashed while others are steamed? Well do yourself a favor and check out A Hamburger Today’s Guide to Hamburger and Cheeseburger Styles. My new love Corner Bistro gets a mention, and Philly’s own Good Dog Bar (man, I really have to get back there soon) gets some photographic¬†appreciation in the “cheese-stuffed” category.

[A Hamburger Today via Unbreaded]