Eulogy Belgian Tavern, A Little Taste of Heaven


Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Old City – 136 Chestnut St, Philadelphia PA 19106 (Find it!)

The journey has officially begun. Last week’s post about my visit to For Pete’s Sake in Queen Village was merely a test to see if I could eat a hamburger, then write about the experience of eating said hamburger. All in all, it was a resounding success if only for the fact that I completed both tasks.  And the fact that people read my story and experienced some degree of  enjoyment (so they said). This week, the challenge of eating and writing wasn’t really a challenge at all, thanks to the Eulogy Belgian Tavern in Old City. Research has never been so delicious.

Eulogy is a beer haven. Their selection of over 300 domestic and international bottles and 21 draughts was enough to make my head spin. I’m a beer lover but not much of a connoisseur so the four page beer menu was mostly lost on me. Regardless, this was a night for burgers so the beer section was of little concern. (A note to those planning a visit to Eulogy for a few drinks, I recommend arriving early. Space is at a premium so bar seats and tables fill up quickly. We also realized shortly after our arrival that standing room is non-existent). I gave the waiter my name while we waited for a table and were seated in the “coffin room” about 15 minutes later. The coffin room is a section nestled in the back of the second floor where each “table” is a glass-topped coffin with a plastic skeleton inside. The room is very dimly lit as well, so the atmosphere may not work for everyone. Personally, I think it’s nice to see something a little different.

That being said, lets get on with the show.

It’s difficult to remember the feeling I had when I took that first bite, but it was definitely something special. The Beneluxx Napoleon Burger is an 8oz ground beef patty served on a challah bun (a first for me) with the usual lettuce, tomato, and onion. I have to mention that both the lettuce and tomato were significantly better than at any other restaurant I’ve been to. These are usually throwaway items for me, and I often leave the tomato out altogether.  But something about them here was special and worth noting. For add-ons I opted for provolone cheese and bacon.

With regard to the patty, some detractors (my barber included) may point out that the amount and variety of seasoning render it little more than a meatball. But while the burger purist may point to this as a fault, I commend the Eulogy Tavern for creating one of the most flavorful burgers I’ve ever tasted. Our waiter explained that the exact recipe is a secret but includes a blend of seven spices, and I was able to identify salt, pepper, and maybe red pepper. I noticed some parsley mixed in as well, and clearly tasted both onion and garlic, though there was no visual evidence of either. Regardless, there was an explosion of flavor from the first bite unlike any other I have experienced. The fact that it reminded me of a meatball only conjured up memories of home-cooked food prepared with love and care; a welcome surprise considering the overwhelmingly ordinary experience I had the week prior. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, a nice crust on the top and bottom and red in the middle. I did have a bit of trouble eating it, however, as the burger was considerably taller than it was wide – a mini pet peeve of mine. My only other gripe was the size of the challah bun compared to the patty. I had a good amount of bread left on my plate after the meat was gone, which always seems like a waste. But these are minor complaints that did not affect my overall enjoyment of eating. The burger at the Eulogy Tavern may not be a hit with all critics, but it was a winner for me.

Here’s the Beef: While the Eulogy Belgian Tavern is clearly a beer-lover’s paradise, they’ve made some strong statements with their food menu as well. I can only speak for the burger which is currently near the top of my list as far as Philadelphia is concerned. It will get crowded and some may not take to the funeral aesthetic, but it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to taste a little bit of hamburger heaven.

BURGER: 8 out of 10

ESTABLISHMENT: 7.5 out of 10


  1. Patrick

    What home-cooked food prepared with love and care are you remembering?

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